Panini Extra Stickers

What are PANINI Extra Stickers?

They are an additional content that is part of the Panini product dedicated to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. They are extra collection stickers and are randomly inserted, on average, in every 100 packets.

How do you recognize the PANINI Extra Stickers?

The PANINI Extra Stickers differ from the stickers in the collection thanks to the action image on the front, an unnumbered back and a brand new Panini logo.

Why are they so called?

Because they are extra collection and are an additional value compared to the content of five stickers of the regular packets. The packets that contain the PANINI Extra Stickers are always 5 + 1.

How many PANINI Extra Stickers are there?

The subjects depicted on the PANINI Extra Stickers are 20. Each of them is represented in four colors: burgundy (the main color of the event), bronze, silver, gold.

What is the function of the PANINI Extra Stickers?

The PANINI Extra Stickers are an ultra-rare subset and make opening the packet an even more exciting and surprising moment.

Is there a dedicated space in the album?

PANINI Extra Stickers are outside the standard collection and therefore do not have a space in the album.

Where can I keep the PANINI Extra Stickers and how should I use them?

Due to their rarity they represent a small treasure: it is up to you to choose if, how and where to keep them. Share your idea with Panini and other collectors!

Can I request PANINI Extra Stickers through the "Missing Sticker Service"?

As these are extra collection stickers, the service is not available for the PANINI Extra Stickers.