Stickers: Panini is synonymous worldwide with stickers and albums. Historically the company has grown thanks to collectable items, and it remains one of the most important areas of business for the Group. Stickers are collectable images printed on adhesive paper so that it is easy to stick them in the related album. They are sold in packs that usually contain 5 to 6 stickers and generally available in the newstrade, confectionary shops and in key retail chains worldwide.

Trading Card: Born as cigarette cards in the U.S.A, they are stiff, non-adhesive and double-sided, with images and text on both sides - front and back. In some cases, cards can include memorabilia and autographs to enrich their collectable value. They are sold in packs usually containing from 6 to 10 cards. The cards can be collected as they are or placed in special binders with a transparent pocket for each card. Cards are available in the newstrade, hobby shops, confectionary and key retail chains worldwide.

Trading Card Games: Trading Card Games are made of trading cards with an attacking, defensive, and overall rating so collectors can play the game sometimes using an associated game board. In some releases, the unique authorisation code on the back of each card allows users to upload their cards online to a virtual collector's album and play the game on line against the computer or against other players.

Photocards: Cards printed on special paper similar to photographs. They are sold in envelopes which usually contain from 6 to 8 items.

3D Gadget Packs: Gadget Packs contain collectables such as small action figures or three-dimensional models in plastic or metal, some of which can be used in a variety of games