04.01.2017 10:14 Age: 288 days

Panini is proud to present the new 2016-17 NBA trading card collection!

The product is the excellent result of the fruitful cooperation between the NBA, Panini, and NBA’s online fantasy game, TianTian NBA, along with Zhongyatu for the retail distribution and marketing.

The “2016-17 NBA Trading Card” product is an amazing collection of collectible cards! There are 450 cards randomly mixed in 6-cards packs. A secret subset of 20 Picture Perfect Limited Cards will be delivered for special promotional activities. The same mechanic will be used to win the check-list poster, including the pictures of all the cards. 

The collection contains 19 subsets (18 + 1 Limited Edition). It was printed using 8 kinds of different materials. 

Every packs contains a TianTian NBA card printed on rainbow foil with a 12-digit unique code on the back. Collectors can redeem the virtual TianTian NBA card online and receive benefits in the game. 

999 Ultra Rare Team Leaders Cards are printed on PVC. There are 30 players, each printed only 33 times. Each case contains only 1 Ultra Rare Team Leader card.

50 Hot Gold Printed Signature Cards are on a special soft-touch effect card-board. 

The initial online-sale date was Dec 15th (NBA online store, In the following weeks, the  best convenience store retail chains will also be on sale with this product  (E.g.: Family Mart, 7Eleven, etc…) 

TianTian NBA, Panini and Zhongyatu will host contests and distribute prizes to the best collectors in China. 

Panini is the worldwide leader for collectable trading cards and stickers and has over 50 years of history. Panini’s mission is to constantly deliver innovation and quality sport collectible products to children and young adults.  The products capture the imagination and culture of all consumers – giving them a treasured product to keep/swap and trade forever.

The official suggested retail price is 12 RMB/6-card packet. Special discount and gifts can be gained with multiple purchases on or off line.

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